Vaiṣṇava Siddhānta Mālā

Part 1 – Chapter Four – Viśva-Satya
(The World is Real)

Question: Some say that the world is mithya (false), it is created by māyā (the material potency). What is the truth?

Answer: This world is real, but it is temporary. Satya (real) and nitya (eternal) – these two adjectives have different meanings. The world is not eternal, because according to the Lord’s will, at some time it will be destroyed. This world is a reality, it is not false. In some places the śāstra says that this world is false, but it is to be understood that this refers to its impermanence.

Question: What is māyā?

Answer: Bhagavān has His para-śakti, and amongst His unlimited powers, we can identify three potencies. These three potencies are – (1) cid-vikrama (the spiritual energy); (2) jīva-vikrama (the marginal energy); (3) māyā-vikrama (the material energy). Through the cid-vikrama, the bhagavat-tattva manifests His direct forms (sphūrti), and His expansions (prakāśa). From the jīva-vikrama, the unlimited finite conscious jīvas are manifested. Everything that manifests from the māyā-vikrama is temporary, and although she creates it, still it is real.