Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) – Song 4

‘ahaṁ mama’-śabda-arthe jāhā kichu hoy
arpiluṅ tomāra pade, ohe doyā-moy!

1) All there is that may be indicated by the words aham (“I”) and mama (“mine”), I offer at Your lotus feet, O merciful Lord!

‘āmāra’ āmi to’ nātha! nā rohinu ār
ekhona hoinu āmi kevala tomār

2) I no longer consider even myself to be “mine”, O Lord! Now I have become exclusively Yours.

‘āmi’ śabde dehī jīva ahaṁtā chāḍilo
twadīyābhimāna āji hṛdoye paśilo

3) The soul inhabiting this mortal body has given up the false ego attached to the word “I”, for today the spiritual sense of being Yours has entered his heart.

āmār sarvasva-deho, geho anucar
bhāi, bandhu, dārā, suta, dravya, dwāra, ghar

4) All my possessions-body, home, servants, brothers, friends, wife, sons, personal belongings, fencing and gateways…

se saba hoilo tava, āmi hoinu dās
tomāra gṛhete ebe āmi kori bās

5) …all of these things are now Yours, for I have become Your servant. I am but a mere occupant in Your house.

tumi gṛha-swāmī, āmi sevaka tomār
tomāra sukhete ceṣṭā ekhona āmār

6) You are the owner of the house, and I am Your most obedient servant. My only activity now is endeavoring for Your happiness.

sthūla-liṅga-dehe mora sukṛta duṣkṛta
āra mora nahe, prabhu! āmi to’ niṣkṛta

7) Whatever pious or impious activities that were performed by me, either with my gross or subtle bodies, are no longer mine, O Lord, for I am redeemed!

tomāra icchāya mora icchā miśāilo
bhakativinoda āja āpane bhulilo

8) My will has become merged with Your will. From this day forward Bhaktivinoda has completely for-gotten himself.

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