Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) – Song 1

nā koroluṅ karama,  geyāna nāhi bhelo,
nā sevilun caraṇa tohār
jaḍa-sukhe mātiyā,  āpanaku vañca-i,
pekhahuṅ caudiśa āndhiyār

1) I have not performed any good works. I have not amassed any transcendental knowledge. I have never worshiped Your feet. Being intoxicated by sensual pleasures, I have simply cheated myself. Now I see only darkness in all directions.*

tuhuṅ nātha! karunā-nidān
tuwā pada-paṅkaje,  ātma samarpiluṅ,
more kṛpā korobi vidhān

2) You, O Lord, are the fountainhead of all mercy. I surrender myself at Your lotus feet; kindly show me Your compassion.

pratijñā tohāra oi,  jo hi śaraṇāgata,
nāhi so jānabo paramād
so hāma duṣkṛti,  gati nā hera-i āna,
āb māgoṅ tuwā parasād

3) It is Your promise that one who takes refuge in You will come to no harm. For a sinner like me I see no other shelter; therefore I beg You now for Your grace.

āna mano-ratha,  niḥśeṣa choḍato,
kab hāma haubuṅ tohārā
nitya-sevya tuhuṅ,  nitya-sevaka mui,
bhakativinoda bhāva sārā

4) O when will I know freedom from incessant material desires and thus become exclusively Yours? This is the sum of Bhaktivinoda’s musings-You are eternally to be served, and I am Your eternal servant.

*This song is based on the moods found in the Stotra-Ratnam, verse 19.

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