Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) – Song 7

nivedana kori prabhu! tomāra caraṇe
patita adhama āmi, jāne tri-bhuvane

1) I submit at Your lotus feet, O Lord, that I am fallen and most wretched. This fact is known to the three worlds.

āmā-sama pāpī nāhi jagat-bhitore
mama sama aparādhī nāhiko saṁsāre

2) There is no sinner in the world more sinful than me. In the entire universe there is no offender whose offenses equal mine.

sei saba pāpa āra aparādha, āmi
parihāre pāi lajjā, saba jāno’ tumi

3) By attempting to clear myself of all these sins and offenses I am put to shame. All this is surely understood by You.

tumi binā kā’ra āmi loibo śaraṇ?
tumi sarveśvareśvara, brajendra-nandan!

4) Of whom will I take shelter except for You? You are the Lord of all lords, O son of the King of Vraja!

jagat tomāra nātha! tumi sarva-moy
tomā prati aparādha tumi koro’ kṣoy

5) This world is Yours, O Lord, and You pervade all things in it. You dispel the sinful result of offenses committed against You.

tumi to’ skhalita-pada janera āśroy
tumi binā āra kibā āche, doyā-moy!

6) You alone are the shelter of those whose feet stumble off the proper path. Apart from You, what else exists, O merciful Lord?

sei-rūpa tava aparādhī jana jata
tomāra śaraṇāgata hoibe satata

7) All persons like me who have offended You will ultimately seek to achieve Your shelter.

bhakativinoda ebe loiyā śaraṇ
tuwā pade kore āj ātma-samarpan

8) Bhaktivinoda now takes full shelter of You and surrenders himself at Your lotus feet on this very day.


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