Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) – Song 6

bastutaḥ sakali tava, jīva keho noy
‘aham’-‘mama’-bhrame bhromi’ bhoge śoka-bhoy

1) In truth, all things belong to You; no jīva is ever the owner of anything. The tiny soul wanders in this world mistakenly thinking in terms of aham (“I am this material body and mind”), and mama (“everything related to this body is mine”). Thus he suffers the consequences of both sorrow and fear.

ahaṁ-mama-abhimāna ei-mātro dhan
baddha-jīva nija boli’ jāne mane man

2) The conditioned soul thinks that all the things related to the false conceptions of “I” and “mine” are his exclusive treasures. Calling them his own, his mind is firmly convinced of this gross delusion.

sei abhimāne āmi saṁsāre poḍiyā
hābuḍubu khāi bhava-sindhu sāṅtāriyā

3) Due to such vanity, I also fell into this material world. Floundering in the ocean of mundane existence like a drowning man, I suffer the pangs of rising and sinking in that ocean.

tomāra abhoya-pade loiyā śaraṇ
āji āmi korilāma ātma-nivedan

4) I take shelter at Your lotus feet, which deliver one from fear, and dedicate the whole of myself to You on this day.

‘ahaṁ’-‘mama’-abhimāna chāḍilo āmāy
ār jeno mama hṛde stāna nāhi pāy

5) The false conception of thinking in terms of “I” and “mine” has left me now. May it never again find a place to settle within my heart.

ei mātro bala prabhu! dibe he āmāre
ahaṁtā-mamatā dūre pāri rākhibāre

6) Please give me this strength alone, O Lord, that I may be able to keep the false conceptions of “I” and “mine” far away.

ātma-nivedana-bhāva hṛde dṛḍha rot
hasti-snāna sama jeno khanika nā hoy

7) May the mood of self-surrender to You remain firmly fixed in my heart and not prove to be momentary like the cleanliness of an elephant after a bath.

bhakativinoda prabhu nityānanda pāy
māge parasāda, jāhe abhimāna jāy

8) Bhaktivinoda begs at the lotus feet of Lord Nityānanda for that grace which causes all illusory concepts of false pride to flee.

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