Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) – Song 2

(prāneśwar!) kohobuṅ ki sarama ki bāt
aichana pāp nāhi,  jo hāma nā koraluṅ,
sahasra sahasra beri nāth

1) O Lord of my life! How shall I tell You of my shameful story? There is no sin which I have not committed thousands of times and more, O Lord.*

sohi karama-phala,  bhave moke peśa-i,
dokha deobo āb kāhi
takhonaka parinām,  kachu nā bicāraluṅ,
āb pachu taraite cāhi

2) My life in this world has only been one of affliction and torment as a result of those sins. Who is there to blame for this misery? At the time I did not consider the consequences; but now, in the aftermath, I seek to be saved.

dokha vicāra-i,  tuṅhu danḍa deobi,
hāma bhoga korabuṅ saṁsār
karato gatāgati,  bhakata-jana-saṅge,
mati rohu caraṇe tohār

3) After judging my sins, You will surely punish me befittingly, and I shall suffer the pangs of rebirth in this world. I only pray that, as I come and go through repeated births and deaths, my mind may ever dwell at Your lotus feet as I keep the company of Your devotees.

āpana caturpana,  tuwā pade soṅpaluṅ,
hṛdoya-garava dūre gelo
dīna-doyā-moya,  tuwā kṛpā niramala,
bhakativinoda āśā bhelo

4) I offer this judicious prayer at Your feet: The pride of my heart has gone far away. O You who are so kind to the meek, Your spotlessly pure mercy has become Bhaktivinoda’s only hope.

*This song is based on the moods found in the Stotra-Ratnam, verse 20.

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