Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Bhajana Lālasā (Hankering for Divine Service) – Song Six

hari he!
nīra-dharma-gata, jāhnavī-salile,
paṅka-phena dṛṣṭa hoya
tathāpi kakhona, brahma-drava-dharma,
se salila nā chāḍoya

1) O my Lord Hari! Mud and foam are seen in the waters of the Gaṅgā, for that is the inherent nature of river water. Yet the water of the sacred Gaṅgā never loses its purely spiritual nature.*

vaiṣnava-śarīra, aprākṛta sadā,
swabhāva-vapura dharme
kabhu nāhe jaḍa, tathāpi ye ninde,
poḍe se viṣamādharme

2) One may likewise find natural defects in the body of a Vaiṣnava, yet his body is always spiritual. It is never to be considered material. That person who criticizes the body of a Vaiṣṇava falls into deadly irreligion.

sei aparādhe, yamera jātanā,
pāya jīva avirata
he nanda-nandana! sei aparādhe,
yeno nāhi hoi hata

3) For such an offense, the fallen soul ceaselessly suffers the tortures of Yamarāja, lord of death. O youthful son of Nanda! I pray that I will not be destroyed by committing such an offense.

tomāra vaiṣṇava, vaibhava tomāra,
āmāre korunā doyā
tabe mora gati, ha’be tava prati,
pā’bo tava pada-chāyā

4) The Vaiṣṇava is Your own, representing Your glorious divine potency. May he be merciful to me. Then my life’s journey will turn toward You, and I will attain shelter in the shade of Your lotus feet.

*This song is based on the sixth verse of Upadeśāmṛta – dṛṣṭaiḥ svabhāva-janitair…

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