Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

First Principle of Surrender: Dainya (humility) – Song 3

jauvane jakhona,  dhana-upārjane,
hoinu vipula kāmī
dharama smariyā,  gṛhinīra kara,
dhorinu takhona āmi

1) When I was young, I felt a boundless ambition for earning money. At that time, bearing in mind the codes of religion, I accepted the hand of a wife.*

saṁsāra pātā’ye,  tāhāra sahita,
kāla-khoy koinu koto
bahu suta-sutā,  janama lobhilo,
marame hoinu hato

2) Along with her I set up a household and therein wasted so much of my time. Many sons and daughters were born, and my spirit was totally crushed.

saṁsārera bhāra,  bāḍe dine dine,
acala hoilo gati
bārdhakya āsiyā,  gherilo āmāre,
asthira hoilo mati

3) The burden of family life increased day by day, and under its weight I felt my personal progress in life forcibly come to a halt. Old age came and beleaguered me on all sides, making my mind incessantly disturbed.

pīḍāya asthira,  cintāya jwarita,
abhāve jwalita cita
upāya nā dekhi,  andhakāra-moya,
ekhona ho’yechi bhīta

4) Diseases trouble me, constant anxiety has made me feverish, and my heart burns with every want. I see no way out of this predicament, for all is darkness. Now I am very much afraid.

saṁsāra-taṭanī-  srota nahe śeṣa,
maraṇa nikaṭe ghora
saba samāpiyā,  bhojibo tomāya,
e āśā biphala mora

5) The current of this worldly river is strong and relentless; a frightening, gloomy death approaches. ‘Finishing my worldly duties, I will worship You, O Lord’-that hope is now fruitless as well.

ebe śuno prabhu!  āmi gati-hīna,
bhakativinoda koya
tava kṛpā binā,  sakali nirāśā,
deho’ more padāśroya

6) Now please hear me, O Lord! I am utterly helpless. Bhaktivinoda says, “Without Your mercy, everything is lost. Please give me the shelter of Your lotus feet.”

*An ancient verse corroborating this point is found in Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Ādi-līla 15.27.

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