Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Third Principle of Surrender: Goptṛtve-Varaṇa (Acceptance of the Lord as Sole Maintainer) – Song 1

ki jāni ki bale,  tomāra dhāmete,
hoinu śaraṇāgata
tumi doyā-moy,  patita-pāvana,
patita-tāraṇe rata

1) By what personal understanding or by what power has one such as I come into Your shelter? Surely it is by Your mercy alone, for as Doyā-moy and Patita-pāvana You are ever engaged in the deliverance of the fallen souls.

bharasā āmāra,  ei mātra nātha!
tumi to’ karunā-moy
tava doyā-pātra,  nāhi mora sama,
avaśya ghucābe bhoy

2) My only hope, O Lord, is that You are full of compassion and mercy. There is no one more in need of Your mercy than I. You will surely drive away all my fears.

āmāre tārite,  kāhāro śakati,
avanī-bhitore nāhi
doyāla ṭhākura!  ghoṣanā tomāra,
adhama pāmare trāhi

3) No one else in the world has the power to rescue me. O merciful Lord! By Your decree, kindly deliver this vile and lowly sinner!

sakala chāḍiyā,  āsiyāchi āmi,
tomāra caraṇe nātha!
āmi nitya-dāsa,  tumi pālayitā,
tumi goptā, jagannātha!

4) I have given up everything and come to Your lotus feet, O Lord. I am Your eternal servant, and You are the maintainer. You are my sole protector, O Lord of the universe!

tomāra sakala,  āmi mātra dāsa,
āmāra tāribe tumi
tomāra caraṇa,  korinu varaṇa,
āmāra nāhi to’ āmi

5) Everything is Yours. I am merely Your menial servant, so it is certain that You will deliver me. I have chosen Your lotus feet as my only shelter. I no longer belong to myself.

bhakativinoda,  kāṅdiyā śaraṇa,
lo’yeche tomāra pāy
kṣami’ aparādha,  nāme ruci diyā,
pālana korohe tāy

6) Bhaktivinoda weeps as he humbly takes takes shelter at Your feet. Forgiving all his offenses, affording him a taste for the holy name, oh kindly maintain him!

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