Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Third Principle of Surrender: Goptṛtve-Varaṇa (Acceptance of the Lord as Sole Maintainer) – Song 3

sarvasva tomār,  caraṇe saṁpiyā,
poḍechi tomāra ghare
tumi to’ ṭhākur,  tomāra kukur,
boliyā jānaho more

1) Now that I have surrendered all that I possess unto Your lotus feet, I throw myself down before Your house. You are the master of the house; kindly consider me Your own dog.

bāṅdhiyā nikaṭe,  āmāre pālibe,
rohibo tomāra dwāre
pratīpa-janere,  āsite nā dibo,
rākhibo gaḍera pāre

2) Chaining me nearby, You will maintain me, and I shall lie at Your doorstep. I will not allow Your enemies to enter, but will keep them outside the bounds of the surrounding moat.

tava nija-jana,  prasād seviyā,
ucchiṣṭa rākhibe jāhā
āmāra bhojan,  parama-ānande,
prati-din ha’be tāhā

3) Whatever food remnants Your devotees leave behind after honoring Your prasād will be my daily sustenance. I will feast on those remnants in great bliss.

bosiyā śuiyā,  tomāra caraṇa,
cintibo satata āmi
nācite nācite,  nikaṭe jāibo,
jakhona ḍākibe tumi

4) While sitting up or lying down, I will constantly meditate on Your lotus feet. Whenever You call, I will immediately run to You and dance in rapture.

nijera poṣana,  kabhu nā bhāvibo,
rohibo bhāvera bhore
bhakativinoda,  tomāre pālaka,
boliyā varaṇa kore

5) I will never think for my own nourishment, and will remain absorbed in ever cherishing love for my Master. Bhaktivinoda now accepts You as his only maintainer.

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