Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Third Principle of Surrender: Goptṛtve-Varaṇa (Acceptance of the Lord as Sole Maintainer) – Song 2

sarvadā vyākula āmi chinu mane mane

1) Within my mind I have always been anxious for the maintenance of my wife and children, my own body and relatives.

kemone arjibo artha, yaśa kise pābo
kanyā-putra-vivāha kemone sampādibo

2) How will I earn money? How will I acquire fame? How will I arrange the marriages of my sons and daughters?

ebe ātma-samarpane cintā nāhi ār
tumi nirvāhibe prabhu, saṁsāra tomār

3) Now, through self-surrender, I have been relieved of all anxiety. O Lord, surely You will provide for the maintenance of Your own household.

tumi to’ pālibe more nija-dāsa jāni’
tomāra sevāya prabhu boḍo sukha māni

4) Recognizing me as Your own servant, You will certainly maintain me. While rendering devotional service unto You I feel the greatest happiness.

tomāra icchaya prabhu sab kārya hoy
jīva bole,-‘kori āmi’, se to’ satya noy

5) All events take place only by Your will, O Lord. The deluded soul of this world declares “I am the doer!” but this is pure folly.

jīva ki korite pare, tumi nā korile?
āśā-mātra jīva kore, tava icchā-phale

6) What is a tiny soul actually able to do unless You act? The jīva can only desire to act, and unless You fulfill his desire by Your own sweet will, he cannot do anything.

niścinta hoiyā āmi sevibo tomāy
gṛhe bhālo-manda ho’le nāhi mora dāy

7) Being free from all anxiety, I will humbly render service unto You. If any good or evil should occur while serving in Your home, it will not be my responsibility.

bhakativinoda nija-swātantrya tyajiyā
tomāra caraṇa seve’ akiñcana hoiyā

8) Bhaktivinoda thus completely renounces his own independence and engages in the exclusive service of Your lotus feet with no other interest in life.


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