Gītāvalī (A Collection of Songs)

(During the Honoring of Spiritual Food) – Song 3


śacīr aṅgane kabhu, mādhavendra-purī prabhu,

prasādānna korena bhojan

khāite khāite tā’ra, āilo prema sudurbār,

bole, śuno sannyāsīra gaṇ

1) O brothers! Mādhavendra Purī Prabhu sometimes honored prasād in the courtyard of Mother Śacī. While eating and eating he would become overwhelmed by symptoms of ecstatic love of God. Once he addressed the renunciates who were accompanying him, “O assembled sannyāsīs! Just listen to this:

mocā-ghanṭa phula-baḍi, dāli-dālnā-caccaḍi,

śacī-mātā korilo randhan

tā’ra śuddhā bhakti heri’, bhojana korilo hari,

sudhā-sama e anna-byañjan

2) “Mother Śacī has cooked many varieties of prasād, such as semi-solid delicacies made with banana flower, a special dahl preparation, baskets of fruits, small square cakes made of lentils and cooked-down milk, among others. Seeing her pure devotion, Lord Kṛṣṇa personally ate all these preparations, which are just like nectar.

yoge yogī pāy jāhā, bhoge āj ha’be tāhā,

‘hari’ boli’ khāo sabe bhāi

kṛṣṇaera prasād-anna, tri-jagat kore dhanya,

tripurāri nāce jāhā pāi’

3) “O brothers! All the results that the mystic yogīs obtain by the diligent practice of yoga will be obtained today by taking these remnants of the Lord. Everyone come and eat the prasād of Lord Hari and shout His holy name! The three worlds are made glorious by the presence of the food grains left by Lord Kṛṣṇa. Even Lord Tripurāri dances in great joy on obtaining that prasād.”

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