Prema Pradīpa – Dedication

Dedication to the auspicious lotus hands of
Vaiṣṇava-rāja-cuḍāmaṇi, Śrī Śrīman
Birchandra Māṇikya Bāhādur of Tripura


With the desire to establish pure Vaiṣṇava dharma as most superior and authentic, I have written this book, Prema Pradīpa which was published in parts in my Sajjana Toṣaṇī. Due to this, many intelligent youths have obtained kṛṣṇa-bhakti, and by their desire, I have now printed it as a book. Observing Maharaja’s intense appreciation for Vaiṣṇava dharma and his efforts to propagate it, it is with great joy that I offer this book to your lotus hands that are always engaged in the service to Hari. If the contents of this book are discussed one day in your assembly of learned people, I will consider my work a success. It will be a great fortune for such an insignificant person as myself if this book is discussed in an assembly of the best paṇḍitas, such as Śrī Rādhā-ramana Ghosh B.A, who increases the beauty of your assembly.

Servant of the servants of the Vaiṣṇavas,

Śrī Kedarnatha Datta
Chief Editor of the Viśva Vaiṣṇava Sabhā, Calcutta