Gītāvalī (A Collection of Songs)

Śrī Nāmāṣṭaka
(Eight Prayers Glorifying the Holy Name) – Song 7

[Lalita Jhiṅjhiṭa-Ekatālā] (1)
ohe harinām, tava mahimā apār
tava pade nati āmi kori bār bār

1) O holy name! Your glories are boundless! Therefore I bow down at Your lotus feet again and again.

gokuler mahotsava ānanda-sāgar!

tomār caraṇe paḍi’ hoiyā kātar

2) O grand festival of Gokula! O ocean of bliss! I fall down at Your lotus feet, for I am feeling very distressed and troubled at heart.

tumi kṛṣṇa, pūrna-vapu, rasera nidān
tava pade poḍi’ tava guna kori gān

3) You are Lord Kṛṣṇa, Your divine form is fully perfect and complete, and You are the origin of all transcendental mellows. Falling down at Your lotus feet, I sing of Your divine qualities.

je kore tomār pade ekānta āśroy

tā’r ārti-rāśi nāś koroha niścoy

4) You definitely destroy the multitude of afflictions of that person who takes exclusive shelter at Your holy feet.

sarva aparādha tumi nāśa koro tā’r

nāma-aparādhāvadhi nāśaho tāhār

5) You destroy all of his offenses, even to the extent of the nāma-aparādhas (the ten offenses against the chanting of the holy name).

sarva-doṣa dhauta kori’ tāhāra hṛdoy
siṁhāsane baiso tumi parama āśroy

6) Cleansing him of all impurities, You who are the supreme shelter are then seated upon the throne of his heart.

ati-ramya cid-ghana-ānanda-mūrtimān

‘raso vai saḥ’ boli’ veda kore tuwā gān

7) You are delightful and beautiful, the personification of complete cognizance and thickened bliss. The Vedas sing of You, saying, “The Supreme Personality of Godhead is verily the personification of all transcendental mellows.”*

bhaktivinoda rūpa-goswāmī-caraṇe
māgaye sarvadā nāma-sphūrti sarva-kṣane

8) At the lotus feet of Śrīla Rūpa Goswāmī, Bhaktivinoda constantly begs that at every moment there may be the direct revelation of the holy name.

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