Gītāvalī (A Collection of Songs)

Śrī Śikṣāṣṭaka
(Eight Prayers of Divine Instruction) – Song 6


aparādha-phale mama, citta bhelo vajra-sama,
tuwā nāme nā labhe vikār
hatāś hoiye, hari, tava nām ucca kori’,
boro duḥkhe ḍāki bār bār

1) O Lord Hari, as a result of my offenses incurred in previous lifetimes, my heart has become hard as a thunderbolt, and feels no change upon chanting Your holy name. Now in utter hopelessness, O Lord Hari, I loudly sing Your name, and in great distress I call out to You again and again

dīna doyāmoy karunā-nidān
bhāva-bindhu dei rākhoha parān

2) O Lord who is compassionate towards the fallen souls! O origin of all mercy! Please give to me a drop of divine ecstasy and thereby save my life!

kabe tuwā nāma-uccaraṇe mor
nayane jharabo dara dara lor

3) When will an incessant stream of tears flow dripping and dripping from my eyes at the articulation of Your holy name

gad-gada-swara kanṭhe upajabo

mukhe bola ādha ādha bāhirābo

4) When will a faltering voice choked with emotion arise in my throat, and when will words garbled due to ecstasy come from my mouth

pulake bharabo śarīra hāmāra

sweda-kampa-stambha habe bāra bāra

5) When will my body be filled with ecstatic rapture, and when will there be perspiration, trembling, and a stunned sensation again and again

vivarna-śarīre hārāobuṅ jñāna

nāma-samāśraye dharobuṅ parān

6) When, out of divine ecstasy, will all consciousness be lost in my pale and discolored body? And when will I hold onto my very life under the shelter of Your holy name?

milabo hāmāra kiye aiche din

ro-owe bhaktivinoda mati hīn

7) This weeping Bhaktivinoda, who is devoid of all good intelligence, sobs, “O Lord, how will such a day ever be mine?”

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