Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord’s Shelter)

Sixth Principle of Surrender: Svīkara (Acceptance of Activities Favorable to Pure Devotion) – Song 1

tuwā-bhakti-anukūla je-je kārya hoy
parama-jatane tāhā koribo niścoy

1) I will surely execute with utmost care those activities favorable to Your pure devotional service.

bhakti-anukūla jata viṣaya saṁsāre
koribo tāhāte rati indriyera dwāre

2) I will feel fondness for those things in this world which are conducive to pure devotion, and with my senses I will engage them in Your service.

śunibo tomāra kathā jatana koriyā
dekhibo tomāra dhāma nayana bhoriyā

3) I will carefully listen to all discussions concerning You, and the satisfaction of my eyes will be to behold Your divine abode.

tomāra prasāde deho koribo poṣan
naivedya-tulasī-ghrāna koribo grahan

4) I will nourish my body with the sacred remnants of Your food, and I will smell the sweet scent of tulasī leaves adorning those offerings.

kara-dwāre koribo tomāra sevā sadā
tomāra vasati-sthale basibo sarvadā

5) With my hands I will always execute Your service, and I will forever dwell at that place where You abide.

tomāra sevāya kāma niyoga koribo
tomāra vidveṣi-jane krodha dekhāibo

6) I will employ my desires in Your devotional service, and will show my anger to those who are envious of You.

ei-rūpe sarva-vṛtti āra sarva-bhāva
tuwā anukūla hoye labhuka prabhāva

7) In this way, may all of my propensities and emotions earn spiritual potency by being favorably dovetailed in Your interest.

tuwā bhakta-anukūla jāhā jāhā kori
tuwā bhakti-anukūla boli’ tāhā dhori

8) Anything I do which gives pleasure to Your devotee I will embrace as conducive to Your devotional service.

bhakativinoda nāhi jāne dharmādharma
bhakti-anukūla tāra hau saba karma

9) Bhaktivinoda knows neither religion nor irreligion. He simply prays that all his activities be favorable for pure devotion unto You.

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