Part 2

Datta Vaṁśa Mālā Part 2 Genealogy (As much as I know) 1) Puruṣottama Datta 2) Govardhana Datta 3) Kanaka Daṇḍī - Parivrājaka (sannyāsī) 3) Nīlāmbara Datta - Parivrājaka (sannyāsī) *** 3) Nīlāmbara Datta 4) Govinda Read More...

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Part 1

Datta Vaṁśa Mālā Part 1 (1) yadicchā kāraṇaṁ sākṣān nṛṇāṁ vaṁśa-vivarddhane dattānāṁ vaṁśa-vistāraṁ smṛtvā taṁ varṇayāmyaham “By whose will the human race increases in population, remembering that Supreme Lord, I will now describe the Datta Read More...

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Datta Vaṁśa Mālā Preface With as much as I could collect, I have published the genealogies of the Dattas. My prayer to our relatives is that they send me as many gems as they can Read More...

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