Topic: ār keno māyā-jāle poḍitecho

Śreyo-Nirṇaya – Song Two

Gītāvalī (A Collection of Songs) Śreyo-Nirṇaya (Ascertainment of Spiritual Welfare) - Song 2 (1) ār keno māyā-jāle poḍitecho, jīva-mīn

 nāhi jāno baddha ho'ye ro'be tumi ciro-din
 1) O fish-like soul, why have you fallen into the entangling nets of Māyā? You have not understood that by being bound up by those nets you will have to remain in this material world for a long, long time. (2) ati tuccha bhoga-āśe, bandī ho'ye māyā-pāśe

 rohile vikṛta-bhāve danḍya jathā parādhīn 2) After becoming a captive in Māyā's snare due to the influence of desires for very Read More...

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