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Ātma-Nivedana Song Five

Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord's Shelter) Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) - Song 5 (1) 'āmāra' bolite prabhu! āre kichu nāi tumi-i āmāra mātra pitā-bandhu-bhāi 1) O Lord, nothing further remains that may be called "mine." Father, friend, brother-You alone are all these to me. (2) bandhu, dārā, suta, sutā-tava dāsī dās sei to' sambandhe sabe āmāra prayās 2) My friends, wife, sons and daughters are now Your servants and maidservants. Whatever care I take for them is only as they are related to You. (3) dhana, jana, gṛha, dāra Read More...

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