Topic: bhramite soḿsāra-bane

Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī – Song Thirteen

Gītā-mālā (A Garland of Songs) Chapter One Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya) Song 13 A Glimpse at His lotus Feet     (1) hari he bhramite soḿsāra-bane   kabhu daiba-samghaṭane kona-mate kona bhāgyabān taba pada uddeśiyā    thāke kṛtāñjali hoya eka-bāra ohe bhagavān  Oh my Lord Hari! While wandering about in the forest of this material world, some fortunate soul may be able to get a momentary glimpse of Your lotus feet just once, by some unseen influence of destiny, and he receives that visions of Your lotus feet with folded hands. (2) sei khaṇe Read More...

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