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Goptṛtve-Varaṇa Song Four

Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord's Shelter) Third Principle of Surrender: Goptṛtve-Varaṇa (Acceptance of the Lord as Sole Maintainer) - Song 4 (1) tumi sarveśvareśvara, brajendra-kumāra! tomāra icchāya viśve sṛjana saṁhāra 1) O youthful son of the King of Vraja, You are Lord of all lords. According to Your will, creation and destruction take place in the universe. (2) tava icchā-mato brahmā korena sṛjana tava icchā-mato viṣnu korena pālana 2) According to Your will Lord Brahmā creates, and according to Your will Lord Viṣnu maintains. (3) tava icchā-mate śiva korena saṁhāra tava icchā-mate māyā sṛje Read More...

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