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Ātma-Nivedana Song Three

Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord's Shelter) Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) - Song 3 (1) mānasa, deho, geho, jo kichu mor arpiluṅ tuwā pade, nanda-kiśor! 1) Mind, body, family, and whatever else may be mine, I have surrendered at Your lotus feet, O youthful son of Nanda! (2) sampade vipade, jīvane-maraṇe dāy mama gelā, tuwā o-pada varaṇe 2) In good fortune or in bad, in life or in death, all my difficulties have disappeared by accepting those feet of Yours as my only shelter. (3) mārobi rākhobi jo icchā tohāra Read More...

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