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Siddhi Lālasā – Song Two

Gītā-mālā (A Garland of Songs) Chapter Five Siddhi Lālasā (Intense, Eager Longing for the Highest Spiritual Perfection) Song 2 (Taking Birth in Vraja) (1) dekhite dekhite,  bhulibo vā kabe, nija-sthūla-paricoya nayane heribo,  braja-pura-śobhā, nitya cid-ānanda-moya 1) When will I be able to leave this plane of my gross bodily identity far behind? Within a split second, I will completely forget about all these false external affairs and behold the exquisite beauty of the transcendental realm of Vraja, which is completely paraded with eternal, conscious bliss. (2) bṛṣabhānu-pure,  janama loibo, yāvaṭe vivāha ha’be braja-gopī-bhāva,  hoibe Read More...

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