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Ātma-Nivedana Song Six

Śaraṇāgati (Surrendered to the Lord's Shelter) Second Principle of Surrender: Ātma-Nivedana (Dedication of the Self) - Song 6 (1) bastutaḥ sakali tava, jīva keho noy 'aham'-'mama'-bhrame bhromi' bhoge śoka-bhoy 1) In truth, all things belong to You; no jīva is ever the owner of anything. The tiny soul wanders in this world mistakenly thinking in terms of aham ("I am this material body and mind"), and mama ("everything related to this body is mine"). Thus he suffers the consequences of both sorrow and fear. (2) ahaṁ-mama-abhimāna ei-mātro dhan baddha-jīva nija boli' jāne mane man Read More...

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