Topic: keno ār koro dveṣa videśi-jana-bhajane

Śreyo-Nirṇaya – Song Five

Gītāvalī (A Collection of Songs) Śreyo-Nirṇaya (Ascertainment of Spiritual Welfare) - Song 5 (1) keno ār koro dveṣa, videśi-jana-bhajane 

bhajanera liṅga nānā, nānā deśe nānā jane
 1) Why do you continue to hate the way the Lord is worshiped by people of other lands? There exist a number of authentic ways to worship God, according to the customs of various peoples living in different countries. (2) keho mukta-kacche bhaje, keho hāṭu gāḍi' pūje

 keho vā nayana mudi' thāke brahma-ārādhāne
 2) Some people worship the Lord in an untidy or careless manner; some worship Him Read More...

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