Topic: tomāra īkṣana hoya

Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī – Song Two

Gītā-mālā (A Garland of Songs) Chapter One Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya) Song 2 The Power of the Lord's Glance   (1) hari he tomāra īkṣana hoya         sakala utpatti loya caturdaśa bhubanete jata joḍa jība ādi kori'      tomāra kṛpāya hori labhe janma āra ko'bo kota  Oh my dear Lord Hari! Merely by Your glance, all creations throughout the fourteen worlds come into being. By Your mercy alone, oh Lord, all souls take their birth within this world of matter. What more can I say than this? (2) tāhādera bṛtti jata      tomāra īkṣaṇe swataḥ Read More...

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