(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter Three
Śoka Śātana (The Dispelling of Grief)

Śrī Gaurāṅga-līlā-caritra
(The Character and Activities of Lord Gaurāṅga’s Transcendental Pastimes)


Song Seven
The Manifestation of Various Absolute Truths from the Mouth of the Dead Boy 

gorācandera ajña peye gṛha-bāsi-gaṇa
mṛta suta aṅganete āna tata-khaṇa

Then the Lord ordered the household members to bring the boy’s body out into the courtyard, and they immediately complied.

kali-mala-hari gorā jijñāse takhana
śrībāse chāḍiyā śiśu jāo ki kāraṇa

Then the merciful Lord Gaura, Who removes the gloomy, dirty influence of the age of Kali, began to question the body by saying, “Please tell Me, my dear boy, what ever prompted you to leave here so suddenly, thus giving up your loving father Śrīvāsa Paṇḍita?”

mṛta-śiśu-mukhe jība kore nibedana
loka-śikha lāgi prabhu taba ācaraṇa

Being thus questioned by the Lord, the soul again manifested in the dead body by the mercy of the Lord, and he began to offer very nice prayers which were meant to be instructive to all persons.

tumi to’ parama-tattwa ananta adwaya
para śakti tomāra abhinna tattwa hoya

The dead boy said, ” My dear Lord, You are without a doubt the Supreme Absolute Truth, unlimited and one without a second. Since You are the Supremely energetic, all of Your transcendental energies are certainly non-different from You.”

sei parā śakti tridhā hoiyā prokāśa
taba icchā-mata koraya tomāra bilāsa

“This transcendental potency of Your manifests itself in three different ways, and it assists in the performance of Your eternal pastimes in different ways according to Your own sweet will.”

cic-chakti-swarūpe nitya-līlā prokāśiyā
tomāre ānanda dena hlādinī hoiyā

“The original form of the cognizant potency (cit-śakti) is manifesting Your eternal pastimes in the spiritual world, and just to give You pleasure it becomes the pleasure-giving potency known as hlādinī.”

jība-śakti hana taba cit-kiraṇa-caye
taṭastha-swabhābe jība-gaṇe prakaṭaye

“Secondly, becoming the jīva-śakti, the potency produces the multitudes of fine, conscious particles which make up the glowing effulgence of Your transcendental body. All of these souls are thus manifest with a natural marginal characteristic of minute independence.”

māyā-śakti ho’ye kore prapañca sṛjana
bahirmukha jībe tāhe koroya bandhana

“Thirdly, becoming the māyā-śakti, the potency crates the innumerable material universes, and within them she captures and binds all the souls who choose to remain averse to You, dear Lord.”

bhakatibinoda bole aparādha-phale
bahirmukha ho’ye āchi prapañca-kabale

Hearing these prayers offered to Lord Caitanya by the dead boy, Bhaktivinoda says at this point that he himself has also become averse to the Lord due to his offences, and has become swallowed up by māyā in the material world.

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