(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)



Song Nine
The Sinful Soul Fit for Punishment

hari he
heno duṣṭa karma nāi   jaha āmi kori nāi
sahasra sahasra-bāra hori
sei saba-karma-phala  peye abasara bala
āmāya piśiche jantropori

 Oh my dear Lord Hari! There are not sinful activities which I have not performed thousands upon thousands of times! And by the fruits of all these sinful actions, I have become robbed of all strength, being helplessly taken for an excruciatingly painful ride on the machine of this material world.

gati nāhi dekhi āra   kānde hari anibāra
tomāra agrete ebe āmi
ja’ tomāra hoya mane    daṇḍa deo akiñcane
tumi mora daṇḍa-dhara swāmī

 Seeing no other hope for deliverance in sight, I am now continuously crying before You, my Lord. Please punish Your insignificant servant as You see befitting, for You are my Lord and ruling Master.

kleśa-bhoga bhāgye jata   bhoga mora hao tata
kintu eka mama nibedana
je je daśā bhoga āmi    āmāke nā chāḍo swāmī
bhaktibinodera prāṇa-dhana

  Whatever difficulty my destiny prescribes for me, I will gladly undergo, but I have just one appeal to make to You. My dear Lord, no matter what condition I must undergo, please never give me up, for You are the only treasure of Bhaktivinoda’s life.

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