(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)

Song 5
The Lord’s Qualities


hari he
tumi sarba-guṇa-juta       śakti taba baśī-bhūta
badānya sarala śuci dhīra
doyālu madhura sama      kṛtī sthira sarbottama
kṛtajña-lakhaṇe punaḥ bīra

 Oh my Lord Hari! You are invested with all good qualities, for all energies are fully under Your control. You are most magnanimous, simple and straightforward, clean, patient, compassionate sweet, equal to all, successful, peaceful, You are the best of all, most grateful and the greatest hero.

samasta kalyāṇa-guṇa          guṇāmṛta sambhābana
samudra-swarūpa bhagabān
bindu bindu guṇa taba         sarba-jība-subaibhaba
tumi pūrṇa sarba-śaktimān

 You are the origin of all immortal nectarine qualities of auspiciousness, which are each as deep as the ocean, and You are thus the Supreme possessor of all spiritual opulences. All souls can each  display a small drop from the ocean of Your unlimited, complete qualities. Thus You are the full, perfectly complete energetic source of all potencies.

e bhaktibinoda chāra          kṛtāñjali bāra bāra
kore citta-kathā bijñāpana
taba dāsa-gaṇa-sańge          taba līlā-kathā-rańge
jāya jena āmāra jībana

 Now this most fallen Bhaktivinoda prays again and again with folded hands, and humbly confesses all these talks from his heart. Oh Lord, I am simply passing my life absorbed in enjoying all these discussions about Your transcendental pastimes in the company of Your loving servitors.