(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)




Song Twenty
Natural Eternal Surrender

hari he
tomā chāḍi’ āmi kabhu    anātha nā hoi prabhu
prabhu-hīna dāsa nirāśroya
āmāke nā nile sātha    kaiche tumi ha’be nātha
domanīya ke tomāra hoya

 My dear Hari! I will never, ever abandon Your shelter, oh Lord, for if I were to do that, I would become utterly helpless without my Master. When a faithful servant becomes bereft of his Master, then he remains helplessly lost and confused, with no shelter from any quarter. However, if You do not accept me into Your association, then how will You be known as my Master, and who else besides me will be a suitable recipient of Your mercy?

āmādera e sambandha   bidhi-kṛta su-nirbandha
sa-bidhi tomāra guṇa-dhāma
ata eba nibedana    śuno he madhu-mathana
chāḍā-chāḍi nāhe kona kāma

This is our eternal relationship which is unavoidably fixed up by our destiny, and which reflects Your abode of good qualities. Please hear my appeal to You now, oh Lord Who bestows nectar upon those that You punish! For there is no possibility whatsoever of separating us from our eternal relationship of being the Master (You) and the servant (me).

e bhaktibinoda gāya rākho more taba pāya
pālo more nā chāḍo kakhana
jabe mama pāo doṣa   koriyā ucita roṣa
daṇḍa diyā deo śrī-caraṇa

 Now Bhaktivinoda sings to You his appeal, dear Lord: Please keep me always under the shelter of Your lotus feet, always protect me, and never abandon me at any time. Whenever You find me deviating slightly from the shelter of Your feet, then I request You to please manifest suitable anger and punish me in a befitting way by mercifully kicking some sense into me with those same divine lotus feet.

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