(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)


Song Eight
The Soul’s Fallen Position

hari he
dharma-niṣṭhā nāhi mora   ātma-bodha bā sundora
bhakti nāhi tomāra caraṇe
ata eba akiñcana   gati-hīna duṣṭa-jana
rata sadā āpana bañcane

 Oh my Lord Hari! I don’t have the determination to follow any kind of religious path, nor do I have any realization of my real self, nor do I have any trace of lovely devotion to Your lotus feet. Therefor, being completely bereft of spiritual practices, this wicked, aimless soul is always fond of cheating himself.

patita-pābana tumi  patita adhama āmi
tumi mora eka-mātra gati
taba pada-mūle painu   tomāra śaraṇa lainu
āmi dāsa tumi mora pati

 Dear Lord, You  are known as patita-pāvana, the rescuer of the most fallen, and I am one such fallen soul. Therefore You are my only hope for deliverance. Now I have achieved the soles of Your lotus feet, for I have taken complete refuge in You alone; I am Your eternal servant, and You are my eternal Master.

e bhaktibinoda kānde    hṛde dhairja nāhi bāndhe
bhūmi poḍi bole ataḥ-para
ahaitukī kṛpā kori’  ei duṣṭa-jane hori
deho pada-chāyā nirantara

  Now Bhaktivinoda falls upon the ground, weeping piteously, unable to maintain composure in his heart, and says, Oh my Lord! Kindly favor this rogue with Your causeless mercy, and give me the shade of Your lotus feet forever and ever.

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