(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)



Song Twelve
The Nectar of the Lord’s lotus Feet



hari he
taba pada-pańkajinī     jībāmṛta-sañcāriṇī
ati-bhāgye jība tāhā pāya
se amṛta pāna kori’    mugdha hoya tāhā hori
āra tāhā chāḍite nā cāya

 Oh my Lord Hari! Your lotus feet distribute the nectar of eternal devotional service to the surrender souls, and only by dint of the greatest good fortune can any soul drink such nectar. By drinking this rare ambrosia they become attracted and captivated, and by being completely absorbed in this transcendental honey of devotion, they will never want to abandon drinking it.

nibiṣṭa hoiyā tāya  anya sthāne nāhi jāya
anya rasa tuccha kori’ mane
madhu-pūrṇa-padma-sthita   madhubrata kadācita
nāhi cāya ikhu-daṇḍa-pāne

 Being deeply engrossed in this jīvāmṛta, they will never ever go anywhere else, for they will then consider all other tastes to be simply insignificant and verily nauseating. It is just like when a bee is fully satisfied tasting the sweet honey within the whorl of a lotus flower, then he won’t even consider the inferior sweetness of sugarcane juice.

e bhaktibinoda kabe    se pańkaja-sthita ha’be
nāhi ja’be soḿsārābhimukhe
bhakta-kṛpā bhakti-bala   ei duiṭī su-sambala|
pāile se sthiti ghaṭe sukhe

  Bhaktivinoda now says that when I become situated at those lotus-like feet, then I will never again go towards the material world. And I will happily attain a place at those lotus feet only due to two most auspicious things… the causeless mercy of the devotee and the power of devotion.

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