(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)




Song Eighteen
The Power of Ignorance

hari he
abibeka rūpa ghana   tāhe dhik ācchādana
hoilo ta’te andhakāra ghora
tāhe duḥkha-bṛṣṭi hoya   dekhi’ cāri-dike bhoya
patha-bhrama hoiyāche mora

 Oh my Lord Hari! Ignorance of You is just like a menacing raincloud which hovers overhead and covers all directions, causing the darkness of spiritual blindness to envelop me. From this cloud of ignorance falls the rains of material tribulations which strikes fear throughout the four directions. Thus I have become lost and confused in this darkness, and I am absolutely unable to find the right path back to You, dear Lord

nija abibeka doṣe   poḍi’ durdinera roṣe
prāṇa jāya soṁsāra-kāntāre
patha-pradarśaka nāi  e durdaibe mārā jāi
ḍāki tāi acyuta tomāre

By my own fault of whimsical behavior, independent of You, I have become very angry at my fate of falling into the foul weather of this most difficult time of distress. And my life is leaving me while I am thus stranded within this material world, which is just like a dark forest in which one cannot properly find his way. I have no guide to show me the way out of here, and by this misfortune I am dying a slow death. Therefore I now call out to You, Acyuta, oh supremely infallible Lord!

eka-bāra kṛpā-dṛṣṭi  koro āmā prati bṛṣṭi
tabe mora ghucibe durdina
bibeka sabala ha’be   bhaktibinoda tabe
dekhaibe patha samīcīna

  If You would just shower the rain of Your kind glance moist with causeless mercy in my direction just once, oh Lord, then that glance would instantly terminate this period o great distress for me. Then my understanding of Your spiritual reality will become fixed-up, and then this Bhaktivinoda will be able to properly see the path which leads back to You.

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