(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)


Song Four
The Lord’s Transcendental Position

hari he
jagatera bastu jata        baddha saba swabhābata
deśa kāla bastu simāśroya
tumi prabhu sarbeśwara        naha sīmā-bidhi-para
bidhi saba kampe taba bhoya

 Oh my dear Lord Hari! All the things contained within this universe are by nature conditioned and bound up by the limits of material time, place and circumstances. But You, dear Lord, are not subordinate to any such limitation or even to scriptural injunctions. Indeed, all rules and regulations are trembling in fear of Your Lordship.

sama bā adhika taba      swabhābataḥ asambhāba
bidhi lańghi’ taba abasthāna
swatantra swabhāba dharo      āpane gopana koro
māyā-bale kori’ adhiṣṭhāna

 It is naturally impossible for any kind of law to be equal to, or surpass Your Lordship, for Your transcendental position naturally transgresses all rules and regulations. You possess the Supremely independent nature, and thus You reserve the right to conceal Yourself behind the powerful curtain of māyā.

tathāpi ananya-bhakta         tomāre dekhite śakta
sadā dekhe swarūpa tomāra
e bhaktibinoda dina      ananya bhajana hīna
bhakta-pada-reṇu-mātra sāra

 Despite this covering screen of māyā‘s illusions, my dear Lord, Your pure unalloyed devotees have the power to see You. Indeed, wherever they turn their eyes, they see Your original personal form there. However, this Bhaktivinoda is very fallen and is completely bereft of unalloyed devotional worship. But he has one hope… he has considered the dust of Your devotees’ feet to be the sole essence of his life.

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