(A Garland of Songs)

Chapter One
Yāmuna Bhāvāvalī (The Ecstasies of  Yāmunācārya)




Song Twenty Five
The Mood of Self-Surrender

hari he
āmi nara-paśu-prāya   ācāra-bihīna tāya
anādi ananta su-bistāra
ati-kaṣṭe parihārja    sahajete anibārja
aśubhera āspada ābāra

 Oh my Lord Hari! I am simply a two-legged animal, completely bereft of proper behavior. I have been suffering great difficulties unlimitedly since time immemorial. And moreover, I have unavoidably become the repository of all types of sinful activities.

tumi to’ doyāra sindhu   tumi to’ jagad-bandhu
asīma bātsalya-payonidhi
taba guṇa-gaṇa smari’  bhaba-bandha cheda kori’
nirbhīka hoibo nirabadhi

 You are certainly an ocean of compassion, and You are the only real friend of the universe. Your affection is just like a boundless, unfathomable sea of loving relationships. Simply by remembering Your wonderful qualities, my material bonds are being severed, and I will become eternally fearless.

ei icchā kori’ mane      śrī-jāmuna-caraṇe
gāya bhaktibinoda ekhana
jāmuna-bipina-bidhu      śrī-caraṇābja-sīdhu|
tā’ra śire koruṇa arpaṇa

 Now Bhaktivinoda sings about all these desires which he has within his mind while prostrated at the lotus feet of Śrī Yāmunācārya. And he begs Śrī Yāmunācārya to kindly bestow upon his head the quintessence of the fragrant immortal nectar which flows from the lotus feet of that moon-like person Who glows within the forests on the bank of the river Yamunā in Vraja.

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